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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Road trip to Spain ... adventuring in the Pyrenees, Extramadura, Andalucia and so much more!

More than a bit of a jolly this and in truth a tad daunting but this is what I bought the Campervan for and I had to do something with 6 weeks annual leave!

So from Nov 11th till Dec 18th I'm driving the van through France, across the Pyrenees and into Spain. Its nature and photography break, its what I retired early for, and for me this is a real adventure because although I've been to Spain many times before, never have I seen what goes on here bird / nature wise in the late Autumn / Winter months.

So here's my plan in brief (you've gotta have a plan!) - whizz through France as far as Bordeaux, stop off for a day or so around Arcachon, cross the border at St Martin and explore the Navarre bit of the Pyrenees and the mountain ranges of Guarra, head Southeast towards Murcia & Almeria taking in the many inland sites around Valencia, then do Andalusia (including the Sierra d'Andujar), head up towards Extramadura with its many sites of interest, then head back up North crossing the Pyrenees somewhere different and up for 2 or 3 days with my sister & partner Mark before heading back to the UK for Christmas ..... hectic? not a bit of it .... it'll be the chill out of the century!

Some likely Spanish hotspots!

Not quite sure how useful this is but having spent too many fruitless hours trying to plot, save and depict a journey plan I settled for Google's classic map router. You can get more detail here - , but here is a snapshot of my likely wanderings

My journey is saved in more detail here on Google maps - Road trip to Spain, something I can constantly update and modify as I go - even in response to comments / suggestions by my little band of followers .... your good selves in other words, so I'll keep the link live whenever I post from Spain ... which will be often, so please do comment ... I'll respond to all as I go and love any feedback.

Gut feeling photo opps? ..... none of these are my pics but this is what I'm after!


Pyrenean Gorge

Spanish Lynx


Spanish Imperial Eagle

White backed Woodpecker

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  1. Amazing tips for road trip Spain through Pyrenees, Extramadura, Andalucia. I am planning Southern Spain tour in April this year. Just want a pleasant atmosphere there. Just excited for the trip.