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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Got my Lammergeiers!

Finally, and it really does feel like its been a quest, I got my Lammergeiers! One of Europe's most threatened birds of prey, the Lammergeier (or Bearded Vulture) exists in only small and isolated colonies in the Pyrenees, Alps, Crete and a few sites in Turkey. If you want to go somewhere where it's relatively common - go to Ethiopia! (not for me ... suspect wi fi may be an issue!)

So I woke up this morning halfway up a mountain in a tiny lay by in the magnificent peaks of the Sierra de Guara, nr Huesca ..... woke up to gorgeous sunshine and ice on the windscreen! Windy too worries, it's the bright, crisp light I'm after and I decide to walk right to the top of 'Pena San Miguel' - took me close on 3 hrs to get to the top, but have to say that after stopping smoking these past few weeks, it was a breeze and I was rewarded by some decent views of my first ever Lammergeier Vultures.

As I climbed the vistas improved and all looked good, many Griffons about, several flocks of finches I couldn't identify, a splendid but brief view of Dartford Warbler (new species for the trip) .... and if this ain't high raptor country, nothing ain't!
Sierra De Guarra

Sierra de Guarra

Don't get too excited, I rate these as 'record pics' only. Unlike Griffons, these birds are wary of any human presence and once they clock you they're off! Still, like the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot to boot, rare things are sometime best with an 'imperfect' and distant view ... that's my excuse anyway!

Lammegeier, Sierra Guarra

Lammegeier, Sierra de Guarra

Lammegeier, Sierra de Guarra

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  1. I'd think i would be happy with just views of lammgeiers, well done.