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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Down into Aragon and the warmth of the sun! Rocks, Ravens n more Cranes.

Here's a quick little post to celebrate the cloud and the rain behind me .... just reviewed a few shots I thought were going to be good but turned out to be pants because of the bad light. All change as I came down out of the Pyrenees and into the beautiful province of 'Aragon'... literally all change, soon as I came down I was into bright sunlit steppe land had to stop just to get out and get some of that warmth on my face!

So, from this unlikely spot to leave a van the night before ......
First thing in the Bardenas Reales
Marsh Harrier (male), Bardenas Reales

.... and this distinctly 'smudgy' male Marsh Harrier cruising over one of the lagoons in this strange landscape, suddenly, 1500m lower down and a couple of kilometres along the road I was in a seemingly different weather zone altogether ....... just across the provincial border and into 'Aragon' I was once again back into migrating Cranes but this time in bright sunshine .....
Common Cranes over Aragon

Raven ... dancing in the sun?!

Suddenly everything was looking much better through my lens!


Still searching the quite significant flocks of Griffon Vultures for that elusive Lammergeier and apart from Extramadura, the region I'm in now ....  the Sierra Guara, is my best bet I reckon. Just arrived here this evening and doing this from a bar in Huesca but took a drive a little way up to the sierra earlier and must say it looks rather promising..... lots of vultures about anyway!
Sierra Guarra

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