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Friday, November 16, 2012

A drab day in York, perfect for organizing photo files, and a chance Coal Tit

Another very drab and cloudy day here in Yorkshire, hopeless for any sort of photography but whilst I was clearing out some rubbish in the summerhouse this afternoon I did manage to capture a couple of half decent pictures of one of several Coal Tits that visit the feeders in my garden.

Apart from that it's been a perfect day for staying indoors and sorting out the many hundreds of images I have on my hard drive. A necessary part of any photographer's routine, some regard it as a chore but I can be happily consumed for hours examining any pictures I think are worthy of keeping, editing and putting them into folders for later use ..... only fellow photography geeks would want me to expand here on what is often referred to as 'image workflow' but this would be almost as drab to the majority as the weather is outside!

For anyone struggling though with what to do with all those digital images you've transferred to your PC or portable device here's one of many articles on the topic that may free up some of your image clutter! digital image workflow

It's well worth it, I've just found some odds and ends from my recent holiday in Sri Lanka with Gabz that are worth posting ...... just as soon as I've finished messing!

Anyone got any contributions or comments to make about how they go about sorting their digital images?

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