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Friday, May 4, 2012

Mad and Merry May!!

Back in the Vienne after a brief 2 weeks in the UK and, although it would have been magic to have come back with my darling fiancee Gabz, at least I've come back to warmth after such dismal weather in the UK!

So, 'tis the merry month of May and on all fronts, what passes for action around here is about to kick off!

'Beyond the Gap' have a summer tour to finalise and for any bar / campsite owners in southern France reading this ... you can still book us; we're playing for expenses only and any tips / money in the hat goes to Breast Cancer Research. Here's our promo clip again -

FUN is a big red word when we play...we love to entertain and get folk up and dancing. Wanna book us? Drop me a line on here or email us on

Before that we have several visitors over from the UK this month to stay at the barn and on a personal note (F sharp maybe) ... I'm looking forward to joining up again with my mate Mark who's coming over for a couple of weeks for chat, wine, chill out time and a birding trip down to the Camargue. Just remembered I also have 15 Open University assignments to mark before the month end too ... pooh!!

Pink Campions by the river. Highly stylised but I like the effect!
It was a good morning for photographs today with weak sunshine and storm clouds brewing making for some good silvery light. Here's a nice selection of birds, flowers and a cracking damselfly from the past couple of days.

Goldfinch in the village ... where has he got that cotton wool from!

'Beautiful Demoiselle' .. yes that's this damselfly's English name and this one is a female of the species.

Singing Stonechat ... immature male

Orange Poppy? I'll come clean ... no idea what this is yet!

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