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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Early Spring wild flowers compensate for late delivery of mega lens!

Still waiting for my new lens to arrive, been over a month since  ordered my Canon EF400 and although I've received a reassuring email to say it will be delivered tomorrow I'm sure missing many opportunities with several great birds passing over the barn in recent days ..... more in the March bird report but an Osprey, Black Kite and Black Stork in the last few days of March were all noteworthy!

Meanwhile, I've been more or less forced into using my other lenses and whilst neither are any good for bird shots I have been rather enjoying the challenge of trying to catch some of the early spring flowers that have been been emerging. Here's a few decent flower 'portraits'

From to to bottom here we have 'Lesser Celandines', 'White Campion', 'Orange Flame wild Tulips', 'Pink Apple Blossom' and lastly 'Common Lungwort'.

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