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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Impossible Goshawk!

Scanning the fields above Saulge for a pair of Hen Harriers I'd seen earlier from afar and hoping to at last get some decent photographs of these wonderful birds I came across a falcon flying straight at me. I had to be darn quick and switch from binoculars to camera .... was never set and the focusing was rubbish but fired of a couple of shots anyway.

To my surprise, when I downloaded the pics on to my laptop to have a look I'd somehow captured 2 completely different birds! The 2nd is obviously a Kestrel but the first? No way can I be sure and Sparrowhawks are common around here but could this really be my first Goshawk in France?

Truth is I'll probably never know .... and still no idea how I managed to snap 2 raptors in the space of 10 seconds, maybe one was chasing the other?!!

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