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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Autumn is on its way!

The French countryside was just bursting out into Spring when I arrived in this neck of the woods, now the Summer is all but gone and the leaves are turning ... its taken me that long to get this blog up and running! Well better late than never, and I'm very often late ... spend too much time looking at things!

I'm new to blogging so this is likely to be a slightly sloppy start but I'm doing this as much for myself as for any other mad fool who might choose to take an interest in my travelling experiences. Read my bio if you really do have nothing else to do but in a nutshell I'm a self confessed wildlife, photography & music lover and have taken early retirement (courtesy of the good ole NHS) so that I can dwell a bit on these pleasures before I'm too old to pursue them .... I actually enjoyed working but sometimes life throws up opportunities and being a bit of chancer I took this one!

Hope you enjoy the blog, hope it inspires  ... if its still going in 6 months time then I'll be enjoying it too!

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