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Friday, November 16, 2012

Sri Lankan odds and ends (plants and trees)

Ok, this is the first of a 2 or 3 Sri Lankan 'stocking fillers' .... the result of reviewing and selecting some of the hundreds of photographs I took whilst we were there. This mini post is devoted to the flora in and around our base near Ngombo and many of these pics were taken in and around the hotel grounds.

Like many tropical countries, there are of course a huge array of colourful plants and trees just about everywhere you look and I'm slightly disappointed that I didn't take more advantage but here's a small selection of Sri Lankan colour.



Blue Lotus flowers (or Purple Water Lilly) were growing inside the hotel complex and although lacking a bit of definition I was reasonably pleased with this passing shot.

Bouganvillea was everywhere in Sri Lanka and again this was one of several bushes within the hotel ... can you smell it yet?!

Red Hibiscus flower, outrageously exotic and part of a whole bush that had outgrown a nearby garden.

Had to google the name of this one, it's called Rathmal or Jungle Flame and again it grows everywhere.
The mysterious White Frangipani, the fragrant flower and source of many a candle and incense burner actually has no nectar and is often associated with death in Buddhist and Hindu culture.

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  1. nice photographs and info Tim, I love this Bouganvillea photo. and I love that plant.